Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another thing that I am going to do this year is jounal my own crafts.  It doesn't matter when the project was started, if I finish them in 2011 I get to add them to the journal (blog).  Ya I'm copying someone elses idea but what a fun way at the end of the year to look back and reflect on your accomplishments.  I think you should join me!  Karen
JoAnn's friend Debbie made this quilt.  Her
daughter had started itand she suprised her by
finishing it and was goingto give it to her for
Christmas..What an amazing gift!

Amazing JoAnn!

This is another one of JoAnn's quilts
                  I swear she whips them out way faster than I can quilt them!
These next three quilts
are the work of Julie..
I love her applique..she
makes the cutest quilts
and I like the vibrant colors
in this pin wheel.  I think
she said that one was from
a kit..

                               Christmas Quilt...                                    
This quilt was sooo cute!  And I also learned
that my machine won't pull buttons off.  I had
been scared that it might when I rolled it tight,
but then again Julie probably sewed them on
so that they wouldn't come off..What a fun quilt!

I've been slacking!

Yes, as you can see from the dates it has been a while...I could give the excuse of Christmas, work, kids, schnauzers etc. but honestly I have just slacked off!  Just before Christmas I got extremely busy with quilt orders and I have been putting off posting the pictures of these goregous quilts...My customers amaze me!  It is so fun to see the different quilts that come into my home.  So here ya go, maybe these ideas can inspire you to get sewing!!  After all Christmas is ONLY 11 1/2 months away!  Karen